Wow!!! It's been more than a week since i last blogged here. Slap my wrists, would ya? Can't really explain why but i can say i sometimes have more things going on than i originally intended. Stuff happens and if you're like me you just do something about it. This 'dioxin in my backyard' issue is taking up lots of space right now and during this past week i also played a bit of 'catch-up' on the Hackert Lake Association website.

Saginaw Valley Computer Association takes a bit of time... even more since picking up the presidency in January. A few alligators jumped into the swimming pool unexpectedly, making life more complicated than need be, but things got worked out and maybe will run a bit more smoothly now. By the way, if you live in mid-Michigan's Tri-City area, consider joining our group. We are a non-profit association, members of the Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG). I've learned a lot from SVCA and there's always more to learn!

Today was our day to drive west and open up the cottage... turn on the water, etc. We woke up to loads of rain and it's raining across state too so we put the kibosh to that idea! Much of the preparation for the season involves outdoors and Frank already has a cold. No sense in aggravating a bad thing now, is there?

I've even ignored all of my favorite memes this week, although i have a notepad on my hard drive with some of them partially answered. I didn't even post a photo to PhotoTime although i had a perfect photo for PhotoFriday's theme, so I posted it at Sherle's Photos. Well, i DO have an entry of sorts... it's on the PhotoTime page. The theme, 'Cargo', must be a toughy because we don't have as many participants this week... or maybe that's because once i put up somebody's URL on the participant list, they aren't so diligent with the participation, eh?

Also, after looking at some of the entries to 20 Questions, a photographic interview, i've decided to participate after all! At first it looked like too much and too personal, but then i thought of photos i've recently taken that would fit the bill for answers to some of the questions, so voila!!! I have it mostly done now... all the photos are in place and i just need to be creative with the verbal parts. This will be my 'masterpiece' in the area of photo challenges. It should be up later today, so check back here... or at Sherle's Photos.....

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