Our small town has an airport. If you live here the sound of planes is unavoidable. This morning had an excess... some louder than usual. Advance stuff happening no doubt. Our President is coming to town. We, along with a select many more admirers of President Bush, received an invitation to be among the crowd in Saginaw to listen to him.

As much as I admire Mr. Bush & his family, I am not at all fond of crowds! The only thing worse than crowds is getting away from them... in the car when everybody is trying to leave an event at the same time. We chose not to attend the event.

Now... all is silent above. No planes in our area... only sounds of road traffic. Even that is slowing down.

Me? I'm waiting for the sound of a jet plane! I find myself hoping Airforce One will be flying right over my house so I can get a good picture! I find myself wishing I had said yes to the invitation, even if I would be in a crowd... even though I will be able to see him better on our television set.

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