Small Pleasures...are sometimes the greatest treasures. Went north with intention to 'just enjoy' and were greeted once again by the results of torrential rains. Yes, gullies in our hill, although not terribly deep or all over like the first time. Relocated sod works; he just didn't finish the job... that's where the sand washed downhill!

Friday night we were able to catch the sunset over Lake Michigan. Since then the weather has been either rainy or cloudy and very very cold! Michigan weather in August is traditionally hot and muggy. Who can figure?

The cold weather kept me indoors where I was finally able to change the look of sherle's photos. It's always a scarey move to change your template because all the special stuff previously done to the template has to be done all over again. I just copied the whole old template in case of some catastrophe with the new one. Then I chose one of Blogger's new templates and just dressed it up with my own stuff on the sidebar. I like it. I like it a lot!

The other good thing... we had plenty of opportunity to observe the heron resident on Hackert Lake. Got a few photos, one of which you see here. Weather was overcast but the camera caught him pretty well anyway, don't you think?

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