There's a new photographic challenge at sh1ft.org and I just finished my results and got them posted on a new blog, created just for showing sherle's projects.

Today we attended an orientation for 'joint camp' - which I will be attending beginning November 2 this year. What's joint camp? It's a two day intensive physical therapy routine for people who have just had joint replacement surgery. I will be among that group as of November 1. I'm sure glad we attended this class early because now I'm all set to get ready for this big event in my life.

Am I scared? No. Am I worried about all that pain? No, not really. I'd rather have a big pain for a little while than continual pain all the time. Looking forward to it. The left knee, which hurts worse, will be the first one for replacement. Will probably have the second one replaced as soon as possible after that. With any luck at all it will be all over before the next summer season begins.

On a totally 'nuther topic, I found the chocolate oatmeal no-cook recipe Otto was looking for. It's on this page.

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