granni goes to Lansing

No, I didn't think about getting a picture of me with Lieutenant Governor Cherry, but as we left the conference room I saw this adorning the wall. At first I thought it was a football jersey but I guess that might be a hockey puck down in the right hand corner. Obviously Mr. Cherry is a proud father and hopefully can relate to the needs and opinions of his constituents who are parents.

Had a good meeting; was able to 'get it all out' and still made it home in time to attend our SVCA meeting. That was a good meeting too! We have a small but faithful group and they all participated in the panel discussion. If you want to know more about the Lansing meeting find it here.

Wednesday we filled the pockets of greedy gas vendors; we were on the road all day, just back and forth locally! Morning took us to Linwood where we picked up the boat trailer we purchased... home for a quicky lunch then off to Midland where an employee of Midland hospital told us we could get flu shots. They were locked and with a sign on the door... no shots available. Because Frank is 'high risk' and I will be going into the hospital (where sick people are), we both felt we need a shot so I phoned our doctor's office in Bay City. Off we went to Essexville where they have a 9-5 operation. We are both covered! Thank God... and our doctor's office.

I would have guessed a football jersey right off the bat too.

I'm glad you two got your flu shots! It's a sad thing; some people who should really have them probably won't be able to this year. What is this world coming to???

Glad your meetings went well. I read about it on your other place. Love you! =)
hey Sherle! Sorry the weather wasn't nicer to greet you here in our fair city.

On word counts: Most word-processing programs have a word count function. That's what I use to do the word counts while I'm working. When the NANO project is done it is sent into the NANO counter for official verification of # of words.

Really, the NANO is about putting feet to dreams of writing. It's a place to start, and the energy of so many people working at the same time is fun.

Take care!
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