Happiness is... an extra pair of hands. Thank you Emilio for helping with those windows! Three down, four to go!

Not only these windows but gee it was great getting home from the lake and finding, not only a cleaned house... thanks to OttO, my regular 'cleaning lady'... but I got a bonus! Emilio came along and washed windows around the house, indoors and out! Then he trimmed back some tree branches that were taking up lots of space - and hiding the backyard view. What a difference!

Things look different, don't they? Changed to one of the new blogger formats so I have to add my links and things over on the sidebar. The old comments disappeared but Blogger comments replaced them. Looks pretty bare right now but we'll see if I want to keep this format, if I can mess with it, or not!

Yes, it looks a lot different here! You must be awfully motivated to change your whole format, and you know what? Now I can see on my blog when you've updated! I'm glad you were happy with the work; I didn't think you'd mind him helping. I really wanted to do some extra stuff and it wasn't all that hard to convince him to come along so we weren't there any longer than I normally am. Yay for the window project!! Lookin' good! Love you, Mom! =) ~Otto
I'm just curious..did he wash the windows before or after putting new ones in? That would be a bummer having just washed old windows only to discover you would be replacing them soon.

what a project! I'm glad Emilio enjoys helping out.
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Well, that was Dumb!!! Now I know what the little trashcan is for... to delete comments, duh. That one happened to be written by me anyway.

Anyway to answer your question Bug... he washed all the windows not on the replacement list... and yes it was before this photo was taken. Good question! Love you! Love you too, Otto! ;-) Hey you ladies must go see my 'ordinary' photo!
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