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Today OttO told us her daughter told her about BabelFish. I just blogrolled it! Thanks Alex... gee you're a smart young lady! Learn Spanish is a good website too. Not only do they offer free Spanish lessons but other free stuff too! Actually that's where I got the 'Word-a-Day' feature I keep on SalasCove..... the blog.

A variation on the subject... I'm getting mighty tired of the Kerry campaign pushing their propoganda at me in Spanish!!! Y'all know, with knee surgery two weeks away, I'm still taking Bextra to ease the arthritis pain, but it hurts anyway. There is nothing more frustrating than hobbling over to answer the phone to be greeted by 'Hola!' and many more words all in Spanish!!! Not only do I, a gringa, not speak Spanish, but neither does my husband, not a gringo. No comprehendo!!! Get it? Furthermore I'm getting sick & tired of hearing you lie and lambaste my President! I wouldn't vote for you if I was a Democrat! Comprehendo?

On a totally different subject, did you notice the featured articles on my sidebar? Found it over at Content Infusion. You get to choose... subject matter, number of headlines, picture or no picture, etc. My topic is family and pets and varies frequently. I think I like it!

Oh! That's where you got that. I saw it before but couldn't figure out what it was.....dumb, huh? Pretty cool though. I'm going to check it out. And about those phone calls in Spanish; I get them too and I don't have a bad knee and I STILL hate getting up to answer the phone, only to hear some babbling I can't understand. I am a rude one though; I hang up. Love you, Mom! =)
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I get the calls in Spanish too, but they don't seem to bother me as much as the ones in English.
Be aware - that babel fish translation thingy translates literally; therefore, some expressions (idiomatic) will not translate accurately. For example:

un abrazo de Bug will literally translate as "a hug of bug" but actually means love from Bug.

Te Amo!
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