At last... night photos!

...a little park in Carson City provided me the perfect opportunity for shooting photos in the dark without a tripod. Well okay, deserve it or not, I have a new camera. It has 'lens stabilization' so I don't have to carry a tripod around all the time, cuz I never did anyway and my night pictures were almost always fuzzy! I like my new camera even more than I like my old one... which is still a darned good camera! You should click this photo for the bigger one because I used my 12x optical zoom for this photo and you really should look at the bigger picture.

It's beginning to look like Christmas around here. We have a new tree... a little six foot fiber optic one! It was a breeze to set up. No more... one day to set up tree, one day to put lights on... and the rest of the week for finishing up! The dad got it out and we unfolded it and plugged it in! Looks perfect 'as is' but I used as many handmade and gift decorations as it would hold... it can't tolerate anything really heavy.

let's see the tree!
Okey dokey... I have pix during the decorating state... gotta get a complete one for you yet!
It sounds like the tree we just got, but ours is still in the box. I'm trying to get rid of a foot or so of dust before the tree goes up!
Beautiful picture, Mom! And your tree IS very pretty too! I have to post some pics of the concert from last week yet; crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow!! (But you'd have to reschedule your pt appt.) Love you! =)
What a great pic! Looking forward to seeing the tree!
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