Domestic Daisy

We bought a 'throw' for dad's new chair. Here is Daisy, our formerly feral cat on dad's new chair. What is strange about this? Even though Daisy has lived with us for several years now, we have been unable to get her to lie on any furniture! Saturday I put this new throw on the chair. A little later, we were ready to leave for Muskegon and Sharba's high school play and Daisy looked at dad, saw he was leaving, and jumped up on his chair and lay down!We arrived home Sunday afternoon... she was still there (or there again) and there she stayed all evening long! Has she become domestic or not?

About the play... the school version of Ebenezer Scrooge was a delight, as are all plays put on by Sharba's kids!!! It was excellent! Photos will follow. Meanwhile Sharba has put some pics up on her blog. She and Kaybee have a new digital camera and I showed Sharba how to use Hello to upload photos to her website. I notice her SharbasBlog is temporarily in need of repair, but she also has a brand new blog... sharbaspix. Go there. You will love what you see. Meanwhile... Sharba if you are reading this, don't worry, it's fixable! Posted by Hello

Congratulations on the cat. We have one who possibly was born a feral cat, and I know the only furniture she's been on is our bed. That's an accomplishment that only took 2 1/2 years.
She looks so comfy! Did she ever move? =)

I tried to leave a comment on here a few times but every time, either blogger was being dumb or my internet connection was being dumb.......BUT, here I am!! Love you, Mom! =)
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