Happy New Year!!!

Hello! Just wanted to make sure I blogged on this last day of 2004! Here's wishing everybody a safe and enjoyable holiday. It is once again time to thank our God for His blessings. The natural catastrophes occurring on the opposite side of this earth only remind me how fortunate I am. Pray for those caught up in the ocean waters. The survivors especially will need our support and prayers. God bless them.

party pretty now...

Happy New Year!
Just once a year at the midnight hour,
As we listen to the bells on the top of the tower,
Some reminisce and are giving much thought
To all of the blessings the old year has brought.
Some there are planning, through faith and prayer,
Just how, with others, they want to share
Some of the good with which they were blest,
Seeking to know and to do what is best.
Now, New Year's Day we all will observe
And make it special - it does deserve
Its rightful time and recognition,
For it has become a great tradition.
But whatever the day or whatever the hour
To begin a new year - we are given the power
To make a fresh start - on a brand new page
Of the "Book of Life" whatever our age.
Make resolutions, be freed from the past,
Plan a bright future with new goals that last.
Let's pay attention and let us remember -
We need not wait till the end of December.
Happy New Year, Mom! Love you! And yes, we do have many things to be thankful for.....and I do keep the less fortunate in my prayers. Let's hope 2005 has some good things in store for our world. =)
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