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...you just have to know where to look! TRVoice is a must! Somebody says something dumb I just must respond! I've also been pulling recipes out of my old BartonPlace website where I was keeping heartsmart recipes. A couple of people joined the group and added their recipes so I included them as well in my new website at Sherle's HeartSmart Recipes. I'm pretty proud of it. Even though I started with a blogger template I changed it completely with my own designs, created with PhotoShop Elements 2. A nice little feature of this new site: you can email a recipe to a friend if you wish!

Yesterday we went with Foggy and family to view their church's living Christmas card. It was beautiful. A perfect evening if you were dressed warmly, we walked around the complete area. It was a good workout for my new knee. It gets kinked up when I sit for too long... something I'm inclined to do at the computer, don't ya know. Most of my photos didn't turn out very well. I was using the night feature, but it was just too slow! Tomorrow I'll post one of the better pics anyway. They're on my other computer.

Tonight I'm feeling I guess it must be about my bedtime!

Hi Mom! I'm going to check out your recipe site right now. First chance I got to sit down at my computer. (wah!!) I want this work done!! Oh well, I try to take a quick internet break before calling it an evening. Love you! =)
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