It's beginning to feel like Christmas!

This one's for you, Bug!  
click on it to see the new tree in detailYes, I still love the smell of a real tree, grown especially for this season, but well... been there, done that. Then we got our first artificial tree... a pretty fine one but... a three-day tree. It took one day to put together, one to get the lights strung and a third to finish it off... and sometimes longer as I got older. I LOVE this tree! It's fiber-optic! The tips of the limbs are silvery and when the wheel at the base goes around,the tips sparkle different colors.

Actually I finished my shopping this year all in one day! That was a new experience too... usually went on and on with it... and I really don't enjoy shopping, ever. Unfortunately I will need to retie the ribbons on gifts under the tree. You see, Daisy Mae enjoys chewing on ribbons and does so after we go to bed at night.

On a totally 'nuther issue, this is my last week of physical therapy. One more day and I'm finished for now. I will miss all of the folks there. They are really great people! Mark has been re-Mark-able in keeping me focused, even when I wanted to quit a bit too soon sometimes. I had my 'last' appointment at Dr. Mayne's office, with Jeff. I say 'last' because we now have a date for replacing my right knee.

It seems as the left leg muscles resume to normal and the knee operates superbly, I begin to notice more and more the right knee's shortcomings. The second knee surgery is scheduled for February 15, 2005. Then I'll be spending more time with Ajay's talented staff at Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists in Midland.

Meanwhile I'm beginning to feel

I'll keep that date in mind, Mom. I'm SO happy you've healed so well and can look forward to having 2 good knees!! See you on Sunday with baked beans in hand! Love you! =)
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i luv the fiberoptic ones
Hi Mom!
Great to get a chance to visit with you and dad today! The tree looks great! I'll see you on Sunday.
Nice tree Mom; thanks for posting the pic! I will try to do the same tomorrow. love you!
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