Pumpin' Iron... what a kick!

Here it is kids... the monster leg press!!! See that smile? I'm loving it! Behind me... the man I like to call 'my personal trainer' - a fantastic physical therapist. Just had to show y'all that I really DO pump iron... with the legs! Last time I did it... 30 pounds! Now you know why I'm doing so well... great direction, determination, and loads of gratitude to the doctor, thereapists and Frank for all their positive reinforcement!

This is a 'foto by frank' - and I just want to point out how cleverly he did this. See part of a foot down in the right hand corner? That's mine! The photo is actually the mirror image of me on the leg press.

Looking, if not feeling...

You go, Mom!! Keep up the great progress! Love you! =)
good work MOM! Good photo too Dad!
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