These sites look interesting...

I read about these two sites on Tourbus today:
States Web Games
Lissa Explains it All
Lissa Explains it All is for kids (and the young at heart) who want
to learn step by step how to make their own Web pages and publish them
on the web. It's a very nice tutorial that covers HTML, forums,
guestbooks, polls, e-mail forms, tagboards, blogs, counters and more.
Today I'm and

Merry Christmas. See you tomorrow. We will try to post Pete's pix today. kaybee61
'Lissa Explains It All' IS a very good site; and now I have to play one of those games on the state game site. Thanks for the links! Merry Christmas to you and Dad!! Love you guys! =)
Once again I thank you for selling me the camera! I posted some pictures to my blog so check it out later today if you get a chance!
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