Where Was I?

Whoa! I sure missed a lot of good blogging lately... and photos? I didn't even use my camera on Thanksgiving Day! Bummer! Well here's a big ol' update.
Today I am feeling

I sure didn't waste any time sharing pix of my leg with you, did I? Well the darned thing kept me busy running back and forth to Physical Therapy sessions in Midland... three times a week. On the other days I tried to follow doctor's orders by doing exercises at home twice a day. Hardly ever took a day off either... honest! Perhaps that's why I'm healing so well.

Thanksgiving Day... I cannot thank you, Kevin, enough for the generosity of sharing your culinary skills... and your lovely wifey Sharba too! Mashing all those potatoes, carving the turkey... the gravy... mmmmm! Yes, actually you were all lots of help... kicking me out of my own kitchen for heaven's sake! Oh yes... all those great pies(from Lisa, Windy, and Foggy), the spinach dip (thanks to Sharba) and the fluffy Ambrosia (thanks to OttO)... we would have been dessertless and appetizerless without those delicious donations! Y'all just gave me even more to be thankful for.

A few days later Otto began her big move... and I brought along my camera to get a few shots of that day. Yes I got a few people shots but that humungous U-Haul truck tells the story best. To my knowledge it made at least two trips... then there was Frank's big ol' cargo van stuffed to the hilt, and several trips made by Emilio's big-a** pickup truck! Above all that OttO insisted on carrying her precious computer cargo in her own car. I do not envy you unpacking those boxes, girl!

Remember my great squirrel stopper tip? Well, guess what! It ain't happenin' folks. The clothesline is on the deck and the darned varmint merely has to jump over to the feeder and hangon for dear life! Here he is. How could a critter with such a teeny tiny brain outsmart the brilliant me!??? I ask you!!!

Oh yes... back to the bionic knee... Friday was my last day for phase one therapy, 3 days per week.... the month of December is only twice a week and then hopefully I'm all ready for the next phase... a bionic right knee!

Hi Mom! Internet's been better today; just haven't had a lot of time to be on....it does kick us off periodically though. You've been busy! Nice pics! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Love you! =)
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