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Today I'm feeling

Oh! almost forgot! I finally answered this week's Monday Madness
1. The most exciting thing that happened in your life this past year.
knee replacement surgery... it has already improved my quality of life.

2. Three resolutions that you've thought about making.
get more exercise... lose some weight... start gardening again.

3. Your biggest accomplishment this past year.
was instrumental in getting people in my neighborhood to stand up for themselves against terrorist tactics of environmental extremists.

4. Your biggest challenge this past year.
see above... 2 and 3.

5. Something you tried for the first time (whether it be food, a sport, a hobby, etc.)
hmmm... I'm not sure...

...and this next one comes from Andrea...
6. Name 3 (or however many) things that happened this year that you did not anticipate happening. And on the flip side, name 3 (or however many) things that didn't happen this year that you expected to happen. These could be personal things, professional things, national things, things in the news; anything really.
3 I didn't anticipate... 1. got another boat; 2. met with legislators and our Lt. Governor; 3. had my knee operation. 3 that didn't happen that I thought would... 1. Finish wall work in cottage; 2. redo our bedroom at home; 3. hmmm...

...and this one comes from Storyteller...
7. Where do you (or WOULD you) go for inspiration when you run out of questions for a meme?
ooooo! not easy, i'm not sure...

8. Something you'd like to accomplish (or do) this coming year that you didn't get a chance to do last year.
the bedroom project!!! I'm working on it now.

Sounds like 2004 was a great and successful year! You accomplished a lot. I love you Mom!
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