It's been fluffy.... inside and out!

Isn't Bubba a decadent fellow? Have you ever seen so much fluff in one place before? Yes I brush him... matter of fact he demands it... but you wouldn't know to look at him. He's enjoying the warmth of my bed...
...while his daddy is out there braving the deepfreeze with his trusty snowblower!

...and what have I been doing?

Last week while getting ready for an SVCA board meeting, I received a phone call advising my two anti-activist cohorts and I were invited to meet with Lieutenant Governor John Cherry. It was quite short notice (less than 24 hours) but we made it! We were pleased that Lt. Gov. Cherry wanted to advise us to plans between Dow and MDEQ (Michigan Dept. of Env. Quality) prior to publishing those plans on that same day, last Wednesday January 19. They did not yet rid us of the 'facility' designation but legislators are working on it. They did work out some temporary fixes to satisfy the whiners downstream from us (and a few actually living here in Freeland). Of course the whiners are not happy! They want money and they want it now!

The SVCA board meeting went pretty well too. It looks like I've now got a real team! This is a group of go-getters and we accomplished several new items on the agenda. Gee I love this job! Now if that darned dioxin/facility problem would only disappear, I would be one happy camper!

What else is new? I've been looking for a good RSS feed to rely on keeping me up to date whenever my favorite blogs - or other websites I follow - are updated. I'm still experimenting but this thing called Pluck looks pretty good to me. I just got a 'news flash' in the form of little pop-up notices on the lower right of my monitor. It included the two updates I just created on the TRVoice blog. I've been on-again off-again with it but now I think I'm gonna like Pluck!

Hi! What cute critters you live with! I'll see you on Saturday!
They ARE cute; not sure I'd call them "critters." =)

You've been one busy lady, Mom! I'll see you on Saturday too; looking forward to it. Windy, glad you're going to be able to be there too. Love ya both!
looks like my cat...he sleeps on his back too
That's a lot of excitement going on due to the snow and honorable invitation! I just moved from the high altitude of the moutians to the coast with yesterday's outside thermostate reading 70 degrees F. I miss the snow but it's fun to go barefoot in the sand.
And how do you balance your political involvement and your family? It sounds like your girls still love you and see you often. Were you this involved when they were small?
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