The other side of the river...

...is here. We are looking across to Objibway Island where we were a few days ago. Well, actually we're looking downriver to the Court Street Bridge (I think) but Ojibway is across the river.

As of yesterday there was more ice on the dock/walkway along the river than there was on the river itself! Shiver on the River will soon take place but will the fishermen shiver directly on the ice... or in fishing boats? There was a lot of ice on the river but it was all floating quickly downstream! What can you expect? After all, three rivers flow into it... the Tittabawassee, Shiawassee and Cass Rivers!!! When you get a bit of a January thaw, that's a lot of water pressure pushing downstream... even with zero and below zero temperatures!!!

I just finished and sent out the agenda for our SVCA board meeting, this after a well-attended general meeting last week... and I'm currently getting ready to write my two-cents worth for the next BlueChip News, our newsletter.
I guess that gives me reason to feel sort of today!

Okay... I stand corrected! The bridge we see w-a-a-a-ay down there is the Holland Street bridge. Behind me (and closer) is the Court Street bridge... shown here Well, that's what happens when I'm not in the driver's seat I guess.
You should feel intelligent every day, Mom! Nice pictures! Weren't you freezing out there though? I hope you had a hat, mittens, and a scarf on!! =)
Rivers are beautiful, aren't they? Especially is sound when not frozen over. I live near the Siuslaw River in Oregon. It emties into the ocean. I live at that junction. Isolated from friends (I just moved here and know nobody), but surrounded by friendly water. It's beautiful when it gets angry in a storm. Waves crash at an angle. If I knew how to post it, i'd show you a picture. You sound interesting. I am an artist too. Well, I haven't practiced much with a 3-year-old and a one-year-old in a small appartment. I thought of setting up a studio in the gerage, though. I think I will.
Hi Granni!
Thanks for the early birthday greetings! I must say you are the first this year, and only 6 months early! wow!!!
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