View of the Saginaw River from Ojibway Island

Today I'm feeling a bit geeky. Here is a perfect place on Ojibway Island... we photographed the river. We went looking for ice and ice fishermen but the weather has been so off-again/on-again that ice only existed along the edges. Where is the Saginaw RiverWalk? Well, I think you're supposed to be able to walk along both sides of it but we actually found the labeled tower near a business building on the east side of the river. We parked in their parking lot to photograph it.

and now... where are the baby pictures? For years our two youngest daughters thought they were adopted... seriously, they did! Why? ...because they could find few photos of them as babies. You must remember we had a flood destroy lots of pics. When Bug & Otto were little, Frank's favorite photography mode was slides; they were completely destroyed in the flood of 1986!!! Thus the mystery ends. Neither of you were adopted, ladies, and the mystery of so few baby pix of the 'babies' in our family is solved! I will find one of a little Janice somewhere anyhow!!!

Mom, it doesn't have to be a baby pic, but hopefully one where I was 12 or younger. How about the one of me and Jimmy at Halloween? No stress! Love you!
I thought I must be adopted when I was little because my Mother was so mean (She wasn't mean and I wasn't adopted) And I couldn't look more than my father as a baby
Isn't it funny how kid's minds think? We seriously did think we were adopted; no baby pictures (meaning no pics of us under the age of 3 for me, and 1 for Jan). BUT, we are both convinced that we weren't adopted now. I almost left a comment at one of your previous posts in response to Jan's request about the baby picture. =)

By the way, that picture is absolutely GORGEOUS, Mom!!
We always tried to convince them that we found them under an oak tree with all the other nuts!
...Happy Birthday everybody!!! ;-)
Sharba, tried to convince!? I still tell people I was found under a nut tree.
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