When your 5:30 'alarm' system announces...

.....a power outage, there is room for a bit of concern. It's snowing outside (just like the weather guy predicted) and things are buzzing from the computer room! Daylight is just beginning to appear; then you notice the power is out! My other half is out of bed... announces there are lights across the river... so there is hope! I roll over and go back to sleep, bundled securely in my nice warm blankets.

9:00-ish - I'm awakened to the smell of fresh coffee and his announcement... the power is on and all is well. He listened to the radio when the power was out... thanks Kevvy for the windups... the radio works every bit as well as the flashlight!!! Turns out the traffic light in 'downtown' Freeland is out and the roads are slippery. It is actually a pretty busy intersection this time of day and drivers were warned to treat it like a 4-way stop until the power returns. It's still snowing. We have a meeting at our house this evening. The driveway will be cleared for it. I hope the snow quits before then.

Right now I'm feeling a bit

Lots of snow today. We didn't get any, and I'm not complaining.

I hope you and yours are all safe and sound.
We got snow too. Enough for the kids to complain that they didn't have a snow day. Hey! We live in west michigan. It snows here!
My kid had a snow day yesterday! And I only worked 3 hours! But I did pray for all those poor souls who DID have to drive in it. Glad you weren't without power too long, Mom. Love ya! =)
I knew that radio would come in handy some day. kaybee61
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