Where's Saginaw's RiverWalk?

A few days ago it was not raining. We decided to go for a walk along Saginaw's River Walk. When we got there we somehow couldn't find anyplace to actually walk along the river. This photo is the only sign of the RiverWalk we could find. As you can see, there is snow all around it. Where's the RiverWalk? I don't know. We went to Ojibway Island where we found a beautiful big dock to walk out on... overlooking the Saginaw River and looking across to the west side of Saginaw. I'll show you that picture later..
Oh, by the way,

Mom, now you have a month to find a cute pic of me from when I was a youngster :)
I'm sure she can find at least ONE cute picture of you, Jan! =)

So where IS the Riverwalk??
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