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Well I'm all set up for the second knee replacement surgery! The date is next Tuesday, February 15. Will find out what time to check in the night before. That means I'll be watching the first Survivor of the next series in hospital. Maybe I'll just watch it at home on the VCR.

Yesterday I blogged a dissertation at TRVoice... Ya just gotta read it! It's pretty interesting. Wanna argue about it? You can find my answers to this week's MondayMadness with the rest of my Stuff.

I baked a pumpkin pie today too! First pie I've baked since our Christmas party of 2003! Can you believe it? Yummy! It is delicious! I've still got it!

Good luck with your surgery. I guess it does give you lots of time to catch up on your tv watching and reading.

I Love pumpkin pie!
Hi Mom!
Pumpkin pie sounds good!!!
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