Friends, Family and Neighbors... here's a little challenge for you.

Gaze backat Love Canal is an editorial in response to the article I wrote as a guest columnist in the Saginaw News. Just humor an old lady... 'google' love canal 2004 and see what you get. Here's a link to my favorite one... Love Canal Revisited by Alan Caruba. Do you see why the uninformed rile me a bit? This kind of garbage is frightening some of our neighbors right here in sunny Freeland. I'm working on my best shot... if you want to give him yours, write your letter in a notepad or whatever, go here... http://www.thesaginawnews.com/emaileditor/ ...fill in the form and send it! Fear not... the News will not share your address & email, etc... only your name is published. They will not publish anonymous letters. Also, the size restriction for letters to the editor of SN is 300 words.

Big Money studies only yield the kind of results that the person or corporation paying for it wants it to show. For decades the tobacco
industry funded "scientific" studies that proved that there was no link between smoking and any of the health problems associated with smoking. Do I think there are environmental extremists out there?
Definitely , but there are just as many on the other end.
Them's fightin' words, pardner!!! I'm agreeing with the smoking studies thing... and yes there are extremists on both ends of the spectrum. But can't you just believe there are a few honest men in academia today? Ah well we have a whole summertime of boating discussion times ahead of us. hee-hee-hee!
I agree with Kaybee and I don't see how they are "fightin' words;" he made his statement with reference to both sides which actually surprised me a bit. love ya Mom and you too Kevvy.
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