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Yesterday at the Bay City Riverwalk... I really wanted to walk out to the building with the red roof... in middle of the river.photo of Saginaw RiverWalk in Bay City Unfortunately, gates prevented us from going out there. I guess it's for safety reasons. Sure we could have walked out on the ice but with my ability to walk in the only dog poop in a 5 mile radius, I'm sure I'd have that same ability to find a bit of weak ice. Oh, well.

It was such a beautiful day and when my 'other' called it 'shirtsleeve weather' and suggested a photo outing, I didn't even hesitate. We stopped several places along the river, then drove on out to a couple of marinas we used back in our big boating days. Bay Harbor has grown since we kept our ketch there. The little place we docked the ketch prior to sailing over to Lake Michigan is now called Sunset Shores and was all fenced in! Although there were a few fishermen who apparently wandered in by way of the ice at the river's mouth, taking photos through a fence isn't all that desirable.

We went out to the State Park... even bought our season ticket already! Yes, because of all the ice fishermen there was a DNR person at the gate collecting fees. By then it was awfully close to dinner time and so we decided not to stop by at Foggy's place because we didn't want them to think we were looking for a handout. I have lots of good sharing pics and will share some of them if I have time before going to the hospital for my second stay at Joint Camp.

Oh! ...and I was Guest Columnist in The Saginaw News today, right alongside Dr. Garabrant from University of Michigan and a SN editorial! Read all about it.

It WAS a beautiful day yesterday! Glad you were able to get out! Kudos to you for being a guest columnist in today's Saginaw News! =) Love you! =)
HI Mom!
Great article!
Hi Mom!
I'm glad you are home now! Don't forget to do all you excercises! I love you!
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