A Special Town --- An Ice Festival

Hey OttO!!! I beat you at getting a Frankenmuth Ice Festival photo up!
picture of a snowman

Yesterday we went to Frankenmuth. This was the first sculpture we saw... a little snowman about 15 inches tall on the wall surrounding one of the chicken restaurants. We viewed and photographed snow and ice sculptures in various stages of construction. I think this was as much fun as the first time we went when all sculptures were complete and rated.

We wandered along the Cass River high above all the sculpturing activity and the other tourists. I know we must bring my pontoon over there this summer... it's another river I want to explore. We walked across the bridge. We walked all over town. My new bionic knee never argued or gave me a problem. The right knee and all it's muscles increasingly reminded me that it was a wise choice to schedule my second knee surgery for later this month. We enjoyed every bit of our experience there. It left me wondering... with such a treasure so close to my own home, why is it we so rarely visit?

Hi Mom! I hope you guys were able to see some sculptures! I'm sure today they were melting like crazy. Nice pic!!! Enjoy your weekend! Love you! =)
Good Question! I love you Mom!
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