gardens, people and rats

Tuesday we visited the Dow Gardens in Midland,mostly because we like to visit the Butterflies in Bloom.>
They didn't seem to have much variety in butterflies that day; the walk through the garden was the best part for me. It was interesting to see the waterfall.. or lack of... since it was not turned on for the season yet. The season tickets are a great deal. This year, for $10 you can visit Dow Gardens as many times as you wish PLUS the same ticket gets you into Midland's new Whiting Forest. They even encourage us to share our ticket with friends and neighbors. What a deal, eh?

Wednesday morning, March 23, I graduated from physical therapy! Thanks to Dr. Ben Mayne & his PA, Jeff Gandy... along with Mark & sometimes Beth at Rehabilitation Specialists in Midland, these legs of mine are once again walking with a spring in the step. What a team! Mark handed me a well-rounded exercise regimen and these new knees and I are on our way to the future.

Call me slow but I just learned the Chinese year in which I was born... the year of the Rat. In case you're not sure about your Chinese year, here's the best place I could find... at All About Feng-Shui.

Terri Schiavo update... I should have said, 'If Terri was my daughter in the same circumstances...' I must agree with kaybee that there should be less government intervention in our private lives, not more. The TV news media has given so much attention to Terri's case that I've chosen to believe parts of the news they emphasize. That would include the fact that she had no written directions on what to do in such a circumstance. The husband has a new wife AND two children (although he's not legally married to the new one). Especially however, I find it difficult to accept the method of 'letting' Terri die. For some reason, withdrawal of food and water does not seem appropriate to me.

Phone update... Hey kids! We finally replaced the semi-functioning telephone. Now, when we are not home you will be greeted with our voice mail... same as when we are using the phone. I just LOVE modern technology!

...and about those turkeys, Here's a picture of the turkeys we photographed last week in Midland.

When I read your title, I thought you were going to say there were rats at Dow Gardens; glad to here there aren't. We have to get out there one of these days too. Can't beat the price! I'm going to check out your links. See you Sunday! =)
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