If Terri Schiavo were my daughter...

...I would want to save her too! Why is the husband so adamant to have her dead? Why does he not allow her parents to visit her without a police escort? Why won't he let her parents take care of her as they want to? Why doesn't he want her to have rehabilitation therapy since therapists say she has potential for improvement? Why doesn't Terri's husband just turn over custody to her parents and go back to his common-law wife and their two kids?

Why should one liberal appointed federal judge be able to overturn the decision of a majority of elected Congress people? Why do these same judges allow killers and child molesters to run free and rampant but sentence an innocent woman to death just because she 'fell down' in her home? God bless America. She needs it now more than ever! Today I am feeling

Congress and the president should be ashamed of themselves. I have never seen such an abuse of power since Nixon was president.If I am ever in that state I hope my wife will fight as hard to respect my wishes as Michael Shiavo has to respect Terry's. I wonder if Pro-Life Bush had any trouble signing the dozens of death warrants he signed as governor of texas.
Oh oh. Looks like some controversy here....BUT, I am going to say what I feel. Until we had the conversation Friday, Mom, I was so torn as to what should happen with this poor woman. I can understand the husband's side, but I understand the parents' side too. When you suggested the husband turn over custody (or whatever you call it) to the parents (including financial responsibility), I thought that would be the best thing to do. And I still feel that way now. They are starving her to death. That kind of treatment is not considered humane, is it? Just my opinion. Love you!
I just know that I certainly would not want GWB or Congress in charge of that decision for me ! Best answer? LIVING WILL! Get one now!
I agree with Jan. A living will seems to be the only way ones real wishes can be known.
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