It's my birthday...

...by golly, and I'm just happy to make it into another year! Although I'm still 'under 70' it helps to have heard recently that '70 is the new 50' in relation to the aging process. Yeah, yeah, I know... 50 sounds old to some, but not to me! My kids are approaching 50. Some people think 30 is old... I don't know what their problem is! 39 years ago I didn't mind turning 30, and today I do not feel 39 years older than 30!

What age was traumatic? I have to say 50, but it was not because of the age; it was because I learned that I already qualified for 'senior citizen' discounts in some stores. I still don't consider myself a 'senior citizen' because I don't feel like one. I think; I do. I play; I laugh. Life goes on just as it always did and will until the day I die... and just as when I was 30, I don't expect that day for a very long time. I guess I just want to say, Happy Birthday to me!

Happy Birthday MOM! I love you!
i'm a tiny bit late...I hope you had a wonderful birthday. HUGS
Happy Happy Birthday - And a happy year to follow.

Hey! It was good chatting on the phone with you yesterday. Love you! from Dave and Linda. Dave was bummed that I didn't tell you happy birthday from him too!
I'll happy B-daying you in person soon! Love ya!
Happy Birthday late! I couldn't get into your comments on the actual date!
Happy Birthday to you!
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