Watching Dennis Miller's show and just saw his interview with Addie Collins... a journalist and a soldier. Yup, she's for real and she's a real blogger... and ya know what? She sounds like a really nice person.

On another topic, we saw a group of turkeys in Midland today, in the yard of a Dr.'s office I believe, on Eastman Street. Traffic going by like on a highway and there were those darned turkeys... looked like 4 females and 2 males... the one fluffing his tail out so pretty! I think it must be mating season do you suppose? We've seen lots of turkeys out in the boonies, by the lake, and alongside the highway, but never that big fanned out tail just like you see in Thanksgiving pictures... and right there in the middle of one of the busiest streets in the city! I'll post one later, maybe tomorrow. The pics are on my other computer.

...and about the latest on the dioxin situation (http://tittabawassee.blogspot.com) - at Thursday's meeting the extremists were so intent on trying to discredit the environment/blood study that they had a family physician say he had received the results of his blood test... only thing was he never had a sample taken. Well, apparently after the meeting Dr. Garabrant of U/M who is running the study dug up the info and showed him where the sample was taken... in a mobile blood unit and by golly, the good doctor Brasseur had to admit he remembered that incident!!! Only trouble is, even though the Doc wrote an email letter of apology, only one newspaper printed his apology! The TV news stations and other newspaper apparently still don't know the guy lied.... oooops!!! I mean the guy had a memory lapse. ...and that my dears, is the quality of folks with whom we are dealing! God bless America, eh?

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