I Just Heard GOOD News.....

... about 'normal' weight versus slightly 'overweight.' Have you ever thought the government weight charts were just plain wrong? This morning I heard somebody on the Today Show say that tests show people who are 'slightly overweight' are actually healthier than people who are 'normal.' Normal, of course, is defined as matching the weight charts that keep getting lower and lower!!!?

With that said, I remember seeing a new food pyramid so I googled it this morning. Couldn't find what I was looking for but found this article... THE NEW WAY TO EAT RIGHT. It really makes sense because the last 'new pyramid' had us eating gobs and gobs of carbs in order to stay healthy. You still need 6 servings of grains, etc. per day.

Today I'm feeling

That is good news. I heard parts of it since we were in the other room while the news was on.

Looks like we're getting another taste of winter.......

Love you! =)
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