I just love these 'perspective shots!'...

Looks like the lighthouse is right in front of the Coast Guard building... but it really isn't. Wednesday was a perfect day and really got me 'pining for the good ol' summertime! I've also submitted a picture for Theme Thursday this week... see it at sherle's photos, and as always, there's something new happening at Tittabawassee River Voice.

That's a cool shot, Mom! I bet it's getting snowed on right now...

I read your article on TRV; excellent!!! =)
Thank YOU! I'm guessing Muskegon is having the same kind of snow we have here... mostly wet stuff and not sticking... anyway I'm hoping. The parents of our number two grandson have to drive to Mt. Pleasant tomorrow for his recital... and we do too, for that matter. Pray for good driving weather.
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