'My facility is 99.9999999% dioxin and other contaminants free!'

We attended another dioxin meeting last night. Read all about it at http://tittabawassee.blogspot.com - If you're not interested in the meeting, just go there to see the photo of ducks swimming in our backyard last week.

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I know a number of people at school who are younger than me, who have parents younger than you who are dealing with cancer. It made me think of you guys and us kids, who, after living all those years of living in "that location" seem to bear no ill effects; . . . hmm. .
Darn blogger; comments have been down for quite some time (off and on, I guess.) Anyway, I was glad to read your post, Mom. AND, were you at the meeting that Mr. Sheheen offered to buy the property from the people who were paranoid living there in the 'dioxin-infested' area?? I think that's what I saw on tv. The man could probably afford it; wonder how many people will take him up on his offer....... Love you!
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