My first view of the Edenville Dam...

...was from a demolished bridge right here at the base of the dam. See the cement in the foreground?
photo... where Wixom Lake meets the Tittabawassee River. Just click it!We could get no closer from down here. There is no way to define the enormity of impact when first observed. The waters are literally roaring as they rush foamingly downward and outward, devouring all the surrounding area, spreading through the wooded area surrounding the river.

We did get up close and personal to the dam... following footpaths from the parking area above this spot, up the hill to a path over to the dam. Thank God for modern medical technology and my brand new six week old knees!!! We took loads of pictures, from day one of the flood downstream in our backyard and into yesterday when the water receded. We actually walked in the backyard again. This was a small flood, more like the norm. It was obviously a good thing we had some flooding during the January thaw this year.

...March 8, 2004 (it did go up for two days after at our house.)
photo compliments of MDEQ... March 8, 2004Just for kicks, here's a picture of our March 8 flood last year, compliments of Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Thank you Cheryl. This is the sort of scene that enters our mind each spring as flood waters begin to flow... ever since the 1986 flood.

Actually the arrow points to our backyard.. surrounded by trees... click it to see a better size; the house roof sort of blends in with the water in the photo. The camera was up kind of high, after all.

that must have been a scary one too!

Google offers those pics now too I've heard.
Tell me where & how, chickypoo! I tried and couldn't find them. ;-)
Mom, I checked it out after I commented and found keyhole.com by google which requires a fee and only covers certain areas they see as most popular. Love YOU
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