Puzzle Solved.....

... well! I figured out why my tagboard sometimes shows a 'commercial' instead of my tagwords. Today an ad 'popped' into it after I got here and by golly... it looked just like the popups I used to get before using a popup blocker! I'm thinking of getting rid of the darned thing. I usually forget to use it anyway.

On another matter, I went to listen to a speaker last night from the U.S. EPA, expecting her to be very anti- whatever I'm for... because she was sponsored by a local environmental extremist group. Was pleasantly surprised. She had some good common sense answers to the environmentalists who think they are in danger living here in the Tittabawassee River floodplain. She told them she would expect that our blood levels are no different than those in the general population. She also reiterated that humans get most of the dioxin in our systems from the fat in our diets, specifically meat and dairy products. Listen up, Kevvy!!!

Very interesting...

So will you guys be going to the cabin soon? The weather is gorgeous!! I'll talk to you later today, Mom. Love you!
Mom, are you boycotting my blog? whah?????
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