Well.... Duh! Me!

... Google failed me. In my last post I did the best I could but this evening I looked at the paper and there was a big ol' article about the new pyramid. Here it is...MyPyramid.gov. Check it out. It's pretty cool! On the first page, put in your age, sex and amount of daily activity... get your own personal recommended food pyramid... or at least amounts of items in the pyramid.

On a totally 'nuther subject, today we saw Sharba's latest production, 'The Emperor's New Clothes.' It was really fun to watch and photograph! Good job, Sharba! We got loads of photos. Hopefully we'll have time to put some of them together online soon. We still haven't put up pics from her last one, a musical, 'A Christmas Carol.'

That's pretty cool. I checked mine out too. I'm a bit off on what I should be eating.......no big surprise there, but maybe some inspiration to improve! =)
Hi Mom!
Sorry I haven't been here in a while! I'll try to do better, I promise!
Thanks for the email about the kraut. Rinsing it should help. I've given Dave your input!
love you!
i think I'll check out the new pyramid now. love you Mom
Thanks again for coming Wednesday. Sorry about the "no dinner". Tonight is the final performance. It's been going well. More later. Love ya, Shar
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