A bird in the nest...

...flew away so I could take this picture.

We watched as the little finches built a nest in the beautiful geraniums OttO & her family gave me for Mother's Day. I was torn between interrupting them and letting them go... as you can see, the birds won. I zoomed in with my camera, then held it over the plant, hoped for the best, and shot. I'm glad we didn't interfere. Soon there will be six little red finches in place of the eggs... we might be lucky enough to watch the flying lessons... then they will be gone. The flowers will flourish too!

Wow, that's a good shot!
What wonderful luck.

I hope there are 6 healthy little birds to fly away.
Turn your phone on ,we're going to call.
We're going to take a chance and drive up today to visit . Hope to see you around 2:00. If you have other plans don't cancel' it's a nice day for a drive. We'll bring hot dogs and chips with us.
Wow! Great picture. Aren't birds the greatest? Bet ya can't wait to see them hatch. :)
Oh my gosh! The bird just decided to build a nest right in that flower pot.... I hope you get to see them hatch. Excellent photo! Love you! Hey, I hope you guys had a nice visit with Shar! =)
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