It's Saturday...

..and we all survived Friday the 13th again. We've had lots of rain lately - a good thing for all of Mother Nature's fresh new growth. Finally this afternoon the sun is shining... perhaps to warm the freshly watered earth and further aid growth.

...and OttO's back - ottosite - so ya'll stop by an visit her, okay? She told us about a neat place to find out what our name is all about so, of course I had to check it. Here's mine...

The bright meadow : English...
Sensitive, friendly and kind you look for peace and beauty in your environment and relationships. People like to be around you because of your charm and generosity and because you always generate a happy atmosphere. You have a fairly traditional approach to life and have a strong attachment to home, family and loved ones. With your creative imagination you have potential to be successful in the the arts.

Okay, I told you mine, now you share yours! ;-)

I like it!
Carol -Strong and womanly : Teutonic
You are an inspiring leader whose originality, creativity and wisdom are applied to creating practical solutions to "unsolvable" problems. Humanitarian and idealistic your vision is to make the world a better place and you will work to this end. Hardworking and tenacious people admire you for your honesty and integrity. You are a loved and loyal friend and partner. Your have the potential to achieve enormous success in the world.
So far I like all the ones I've read; pretty neat, eh? =)

So good to be back to bloggin! Love you, Mom! =)
Howdy! I'm going to check out the name thing, but I heard somewhere that my name means "little Shirley" so. . . Shar
cool! I'll check mine out too
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