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Happy Birthday Susan!!!
You are forty hoo? today! FYI people, it rhymes with hoo! ;-) 'Cause I almost didn't publish a family calendar this year!!! That's my reason for forgetting to get Susan's birthday on it. Have a great day, lady.

Natalie hasn't been blogging lately. It started because she got a great big giant invasion of her computer. Since she sometimes has the patience of her mother, she at first decided to take drastic measures. Upon reflection and discussing with her dad, she reformatted and took drastic measures to prevent a future happening. Yes, there are ways. Then her mother-in-law died. Perhaps after the funeral tomorrow she will be able to get back blogging. We miss you OttO!

I finished my 26 Things April 2005 Challenge!
Although I created sherle's projects blog for these challenges, I didn't publish it there. Why? I have since downloaded the Picassa software - free from Google - and it is really the first program I've found for sorting out photos that seems to be worth keeping. It has lots of capabilities I haven't begun to explore but the first reason I like it is because it doesn't 'take over' your My Pictures folder! I also has a super simple way to put together a webpage or a slideshow and I've been told you can even do a slidshow with music! Anyway, if you're careful, patient, and read the instructions, it's a great tool, so I made my 26 Things webpage with it.

Here is my 26 Things April 2005 Challenge website.

Oh yeah! On occasion I publish a photo over at sherle's photos, too. Why don'tcha stop by and take a look-see.
Love to all & God Bless America!

Thanks for remembering me!! Jannie is injured and didn't bake me a cake. ;(!
Happy Birthday Susan!
Hey Susan! Hope you come back and read this again... Happy Belated Birthday, my friend!!!

Mom, I think I'm ready to blog again; things have been really busy around here the past few days and I still don't have everything back on my computer but I can blog.
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