monday madness...

(on Thursday, imagine that!)
My daughter OttO asks:
'How much do you think is the most you would pay for...'

First of all ya gotta know... I'm a bit of a tightwad about some stuff so, here goes!

1. ...a loaf of bread? - $1.50 (I usually buy it on sale & sometimes I just like to bake a loaf in my bread machine.

2. ...a gallon of gas? - whatever it takes I guess. Ya gotta go places, dont'cha know?

3. ...a pair of jeans? - I like Walmart's $9.99 Faded Glory jeans so I guess I'm not much of a fashion plate, eh?

4. ...a computer? - Don't really worry about this one 'cause the husband likes to build computers, so he can build a pretty nice one for much less than it would cost to buy one already built.

5. ...a camera? I'm a cheapy here too but hubby bought me one for way too much money. His saving grace? Lotsa rebates!

6. ...a pair of shoes? I think my walking shoes were on sale for something in the mid-$20 range - Dr. Scholl's wide ones work best for my big feet & I can find them at our discount department stores. I've paid as little as $10 for a pair that actually fits and is comfortable.

7. ...a television? I leave this to the husband but he bought our last one at Walmart & it's a nice big one. I was surprised it was so inexpensive; need I say more?

8. ...a recliner chair? - only on sale, $200-$300.

9. ...a month of 'lightening speed' internet service? - If we could get it, SpeedNet wireless at $29.95 would be my choice. As it is we pay for top of the line Charter Cable.

10. ...a cell phone? Got the last one for free with a 1 year contract... and it was a $200 phone. I'd go cheaper if I could.

You're not so cheap, Mom. You're thrifty! =)

Love ya!

And thank you for encouraging me to hang in there with MM; I will for awhile. I just wish notifylist.com would work!! =)
I agree - you're not cheap, you're smart!
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