Walleye Festival in Freeland...

We went to Festival Park Friday just to have a look.

Usually we leave town for this event. The fisherman part wouldn't be so bad but the really BIG event appears to be a community rummage sale. It is less than a mile from our house to the corner where we turn to go anywhere! It is near impossible to get there in less than 15 minutes during the festival weekend. Fishing didn't start until midnight Friday but the rummage sale started EARLY. People park both sides of a two-lane road, leaving little room to get through the middle and then... just to be double obnoxious, they meander back & forth across the road from one house to another as if they were on the sidewalk!

This year was our first year staying home this weekend... and we had to get a bit of the ambience so we went to the nearest park... the one near the Freeland Road bridge. Well thanks to the environmental freaks the park is being 'improved' if you can call demolishing all the trees an improvement! Where nature prevailed we now have delimbed trees and I'm guessing many of them are destined for total demolition. That's usually what big red marks on a tree indicate, isn't it?

There were campers in the park.. we talked with some of them. They fear they won't be able to camp there after the improvements. I don't know. Nobody seems to care now. Nice camping area too... if you don't need total hookups. Anyway that's the most people I've ever seen at this particular park, and it's only a once a year event. I guess after the improvements... and when Michelle Heard-Rhetoric Redneck gets her wish and the big ugly yellow dioxin warning signs prevail, we will be the only ones to ever go there. But there won't be any trees!

That's really too bad. I hope there's a brighter future in store for the place!
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