Bluebirds in the backyard...

This morning I went outside and took this photo of my favorite bird watcher. It seems the neighbors have allowed a group of students to place bluebird houses at the edge of their farm field on the flats. It is part of an MSU study. Just a few days ago they saw four eggs out there.

Today we have bluebirds!

Here is a photo taken by my favorite bird watcher. I guess this is an immature bluebird... probably from those four eggs the kids saw in the box.

Notice it's breast isn't entirely red yet? I'm convinced that is the color and not just a matter of the fact my birdwatcher was using telephoto lens to get up close and personal.

Excellent shot!! Your yard looks beautiful, Mom. Have a wonderful weekend!! Love you! =)
Pretty birdie!
Actually this is the mommy bird, so says one of the young people counting and banding them in the 'back 40.'
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