Fifty Years Ago...

..I took this photo! Isn't it great? I know when he looks in the mirror today, he still sees that 20 year old man with his chest up there where it's supposed to be.

Much has happened in that fifty years. We have lived through five pregnancies and raised six daughters... We camped in a tent with them as toddlers... went houseboating with them as they grew older, encouraged them through their first jobs... urged them into college. We sailed through their high school years, weddings and birthing of grandchildren.

We worked hard... retired young... and at one point he almost died! Even that was a while ago. Since then he's lived through two pacemaker implants (one new & a replacement).. and triple bypass heart surgery. During the past year he has nursed me through total knee replacement - both knees! Now he is beginning the second week of a summer cold (something he's developed the past couple of years)... and that's why I'm worried right now... and perhaps sound a bit bitchy.

...so, what has changed? Not much. The man hasn't slowed down! Here he is covering up the pontoon boat so we can head home from the lake. I was helping him but the cover got so tight I couldn't pull it tight enough to 'button it' up.

What a guy,eh? What do I see when I look at this man? ...the same guy he sees... that young fellow full of energy, full of ambition and ready to go! That's why we will be celebrating 50 years of marriage in September... and we're still 'travelin' along, singing our song... side by side.'

50 years... your golden anniversary! Definitely something to be proud of!! What nice pictures, Mom. Love you! =)
I don't know if I was even born when that picture was taken, but it is the same Dad I see everytime I think of my Mom and Dad. I love you both bunches!
Time flies when you're having fun! Hope to see you soon! Love to you both, Shar
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