It's Been a Week???...

...since I last blogged here at Grumbleeze!

I've been busy. We have been busy. I've updated TRVoice a couple of times... and I've visited a few other people's blogs. Oh yes, I updated the Hackert Lake website too... and probably will again soon.

We attended a couple of computer club meetings - Larry's internet SIG and the general meeting. We have been to the lake regularly. A week ago we got the new dock started. This week we brought the boat to the lake. Maybe by the end of summer we'll have the rest of the dock in.

A couple of weekends ago we went to Ludington but this past two weeks we had the van so we didn't go to Ludington because our park sticker is on the pickup truck.

Actually Frank & I took life easy this weekend. It was fun getting the boat going again. Even though we didn't get the canopy up on the pontoon boat yet we took Karen & Bob (Pam & Mike's friends) for a short boat ride Sunday. We plan to put the canopy up next weekend. Hope it doesn't rain. Did I mention Pam & Mike don't come to the lake anymore? Sharba & Kaybee were up once and probably will visit us once in awhile this summer.

I hated to mow this week because these flowers grow all over the yard this time of year. Aren't they beautiful? ...but I had to mow because I didn't last week... and maybe won't next week either! Also planted a few Nasturtiums in the sand. Hope they grow. Well, that's about it. See ya!

They are beautiful, Mom! I hope you guys had a good weekend! Love you! =)
It was a fine weekend, Nat! Short but sweet... we got the boat in, took it for a short spin... and left. Nothing too strenuous, actually.
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