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monday madness:
Otto/Natalie offers this week: 'I hope you enjoy the following challenge!'

Using the letters in the following word, describe that word. The word is...
W e want lots of sunshine!
E very day is beautiful because we are here to enjoy it.
A zaleas, apples,asparagus and even animals need both sunshine and rain in order to grow.
T hunder announces lightening which brings nourishment to plant life by providing nitrogen.
H eaven must be filled with sunshine... it's so beautiful.
E ven stormy days have a purpose.
R ain is necessary to provide us with food and flowers.

Men are stubborn. They refuse to ask for help but are always willing to provide help to others.
Kids and pets have one thing in common: each one always wants to be the center of attention.
Women are... what can I say without showing my prejudice? I'm not one of those women with lots of women-friends because I've never enjoyed sitting around discussing kids, potty-training and cooking... but recently I've met a few very interesting women. These are typically women who are not obviously competing with men; they just express their own opinions... and they accept that other women can also be strong like them.

Your posts are great Mom! You always have positive things to say - I love you!
Hi Mom! It's so good to see your blog updated this often; it keeps us posted on the latest...

Thank you for getting creative with this week's MM!! Love you!
You're right Granni,men are flawed.
But it sure would be great if women were as perfect as they think they are.
Luv ya
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