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..26 Things The Photographic Scavenger Hunt - July 2005 Did you do the last one? Well, that's okay.. nobody's perfect.. not even me. BUT I haven't missed any of Tracy's challenges, I don't think. My first was 'The MayDay Project.'

Was that her first one too? Okay.. I'll answer my own question. Tracy doesn't have the MayDay Project on her list which has always been 26 Things, I guess. Here is the list, which she just posted.

Wow! I just read your stuff on the link. If you hadn't been so busy with a mob of kids, I bet you would have made a great hippie protester!! That's what keeps you young!
Give Us A Call,We were thinking about coming up for a visit if you are up north.
Oh yeah; I really AM going to try and complete the current 26 Things challenge. I meant to do the last one.... Love you! =)
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