I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack!

Haven't been blogging here lately... sorry! It seems the less time we have the busier we get and that's all I have to say about that. If you wonder where I've been, well... blogging over at Tittabawassee River Voice.

Sunday we were scheduled to visit Sharba and family because Lisa had asked the grampa (my husband) to be her photographer for her senior pictures. We were about ready to leave and we had a horrible thunderstorm. Lights went out... then came back on... but it was dark as night. I don't recall a storm where it was so dark in the daytime! For more about the storm see OttoSite... the storm was much worse out her way. She has some awesome photos of the results on her blog. We were really lucky... just that momentary power outage!

We phoned Sharba and, as usual, we were having the weather they had the previous night, so we decided to chance it and left for Muskegon. Frank took loads of great photos... and Lisa & her parents narrowed them down to 10 or 12 favorites.

I've photographed many sunsets... and pre-sunsets, but my biggest complaint is... beautiful as those sunsets are, they do NOT look like what I was looking at. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a photo of the lighthouse at the channel in Muskegon - just as it looked at the particular moment I snapped the camera!!! Isn't it beautiful???

I think it's absolutely gorgeous, Mom!! Lovin' this weather!! Love you too! =)
That looks familiar! Thanks again for coming Sunday! Love ya!
Absolutely beautiful. Wish I could have been there. And am really glad you had a camera when you were there.

Have a great weekend!
It IS beautiful!
That picture is amzing sherle
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