That New Eminent Domain Ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court...

...really brings out the best in columnists. Public 'interest' shouldn't mean money - by Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Steyn renewed my faith in journalism! This fellow tells it like it is and then tells us about a New Hampshire businessman, Logan Darrow Clements, who 'wants to build a new hotel in the town of Weare and he's found just the right piece of land: the home of Supreme Court judge David Souter.' Mr. Clements would name it the Lost Liberty Hotel, with 'a Just Desserts Bar and a museum dedicated to the loss of freedom in America.' Oh come on! If you can hold your anger about the Supreme Court decision, you might actually get a laugh out of this one.

Where are you, Lulu~
Come back!!!!
i chuckled - love you Mom!
from Bug! i don't know who the other anonymous person is; I do know that you're NOT Lulu
Hahahahahahahahaha! I think somebody thought they clicked on 'Lulu' at Nat's Monday Madness or at OttoSite... and they got me instead. Kinda like dialing a wrong number then hitting redial a couple of times??? Weird, eh?
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