Well duh! Me finally LOOKING at Blogger again...

Unused Dock At Hackert Lake
...and see what I found! Not the picture silly, but Blogger made it even easier to put the picture up on my blog! Yes, I read somebody's blog telling about how easy it is but it didn't really register right away. I hadn't noticed the choices we now have when blogging... Edit HTML or Compose... either. I tried the 'Compose' mode and golly! It's even easier than before! Now I can do ALL the layout with absolutely NO HTML if I want to!

You don't even need to use 'Hello!' to put your photos in your blog. Even Jan can put pictures up with the "Compose' mode. Oops! I'd better check first. Maybe she needs one of the new formats before it will work. I'll be checking it.

Life is good since having my knees replaced. Our yard is shaping up nicely at home. First we had the 'remedial landscaping' done... then we started getting rid of some of the overgrowth that has taken place in the past few years. I'm talking about trees and bushes we planted on purpose. Now they've become too big and in some cases I just don't want them at all! It's like getting a fresh start.

Natalie and Emilio were over to help us with some of that cleanup with promises of more visits to come. This past weekend Pam & Mike came over to the cottage so Mike could help Frank finish building the new dock. They did it and it's great too! Rich & Emilio helped earlier this summer with installing the new bathtub... Remember that event? ...and we have Kevy signed up for some wallboard work at the cottage when the weather cools a bit and Frank is ready for another big Push! Who needs sons when your daughters have such great husbands, eh?

Hi! Just wanted you to know I was here! Love, Shar
Hi MOM! lookin' forward to seeing you soon.
Me too! We'll see you tonight actually. We will plan another yard-working day soon; maybe next week?

Hey, I didn't realize blogger had all those features either. So duh me too! Love you! =)
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