'Fruity Colors'...

..are in, right? I know I have a brilliant chartreuse green t-shirt that makes me stand out in a crowd! I know I've seen guys - mostly tourists up north - in bright orange, which seems to be the prevailing color. I guess I never thought of them as fruit colors until I read this article in the Bay City Times (Michigan, not California) - As if 'fruity' was a modern invention

He refers to those colors as cantaloupe, honeydew and plum. I guess I never thought of it that way because I see those colors from the author's viewpoint - the 1960's! Right on, man!!! I remember those days. Okay, so I was raising my serendipidous six, but I was busy, not blind! I noticed those bared, hairy chests shown off by brilliant floral hues! If you too remember those days, you are definitely not 'old' - unless you're older than me!

I didn't know fruits came in neon and flourescent colors!
Oh oh! I thought I left a comment on this post.... sorry! Hey Mom, I have my '26 Things' done!!! =) Looking forward to seeing yours too! Love you!
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