What kind of a woman am I anyway!!!???

This photo shows the beautiful waterfall at a little park in Carson City, MI ...a busy one, I guess! Seems like summer's just begun and already it wants to be ending. That just ain't right! Yesterday on our way home from the west side of Michigan we stopped by at this little park to stretch our legs. Although we stop often, we've never before walked to the 'back' of the park to this second bridge. What a surprise! There before us was a two-fer - first this beautiful waterfall and right next to it a small dam... flowing into the body of water - gosh, I still don't know the name of it! Maybe next time. Click the photo... it looks even better. It is unretouched, too! Doesn't it look almost artificial... or maybe like a painting?

Anyway, I forgot too many events this summer... and yesterday, there I was at Sharba's house on Kevin's birthday, where he has baked at least my last three birthday cakes..... and I had forgotten HIS birthday, too! Kick my butt, kids!

Happy Birthday Windy, Patti & Pam! I hope you know your mom loves you!
...and Happy Birthday Kevvy! You will always be number one son-in-law!

What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing the picture. I'll bet you go back there again. It should be beautiful in the snow.

Happy Birthday Windy, Patti,Pam and Kevvy!
What a gorgeous picture! It looks like a painting. And thank you for the tip on growing tomatoes. I have been wanting to start a small garden, I would have never thought to put them in pots instead. :)
Nice pic! Kev had a nice b-day!
Absolutely stunning! I've never been there.

Happy Birthday, Kevin! Hope you had a good one!

Summer is too short isn't it? School started today.....
Beautiful pic!
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